Teaching a New CMS to Employees: Tips & Tricks

Change can be a scary thing for employees to face. When you introduce a new Content Management System (CMS) to your employees, the steps you take before, during and after the implementation can make or break the transition. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to teach a new CMS to employees.

Gain Buy-in

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Before you whip out your light and compact Ultrabook and start loading the software on it, take a step back to give yourself an opportunity to gain buy-in from the employees. You gain buy-in by introducing the problems, issues and challenges that your employees face with the current CMS or other system you have in place. Then, you take it a step further by introducing all of the solutions to these problems, issues and challenges that the new CMS provides.

Consider taking it two steps back first to get your employees to give you the problems, issues and challenges they face with the current CMS or processes that you have in place. You can then use this information to turn it around to show them how this new system resolves all of these issues for them.

Customize Processes

Define the processes of your business or company prior to implementing the system and training employees on it. The reason is that you want to have very clear processes defined, so that you can customize the CMS to incorporate your processes, policies and procedures into how the software functions. Then, when it is time to do the literal training of “click here” and “put your cursor there” you are teaching employees as it directly relates to the job they have to perform inside of the CMS.

Bring in the Experts

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When you are working with the software provider, you are also working with them to configure the software to meet the specific needs of the CMS users. You also want to arrange for one of their expert trainers, who understand the customization of the CMS, to come to your business and provide classroom and hands-on training with the employees. These training experts demystify the newness of the software. These experts also provide shortcuts and easier ways for employees to accomplish their work.

Start with the Basics

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To avoid overwhelm, start training sessions with the basics of using the new CMS. Logging in, opening a new project, working with the project, checking off milestones and all of the basic steps the employees use the system for on a daily basis should be covered in the initial training session or sessions. Allow them the time to get comfortable navigating the new CMS before you try to introduce more advanced topics and procedures.

Hands-on Training

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It is imperative that you provide hands-on training sessions for the employees. They need to sit in front of their computers, with the CMS open, and literally perform work tasks. Learning something from reading it in a book or sitting in a classroom is completely different when it comes to the implementation part of the process. Learning by doing is the best way for employees to learn exactly how to use the new CMS.

Happy Ending?

When you take these steps in introducing a new CMS to employees, you take the scariness out of change. These tips and tricks allow you create a working environment where your employees love the new CMS because they can do their work more effectively and efficiently than ever before.