Social Human Resources Matters Now More Than Ever

Big data and social media, individually and together, are changing the world in so many different ways. Not only are Facebook and Twitter some of the biggest developers in big data technology, but the information they gather is so important to so many different companies.

One of the more important ways that big data and social media are changing the world landscape is through their effects on Human Resources (HR). They totally change how companies do business. Big data in the cloud is making it easier and more affordable than ever for companies to implement big data technology.

For some time now, companies have been using social media to find out the background on prospective employees, but with big data they can take it to the next level. Companies can find people before they even know about jobs. Employees can use social media inside the company to improve its products and change the world in some small way.

And at the same time that companies are looking at prospective employees via social media, those prospective employees will be looking at those companies social media presence trying to decide if it’s a good fit for them or not.

Social media plays such an important role in society today that companies can’t avoid the impact it’s having, and will continue to have.

There is so much social media available today — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr to name just a few. And there is no end in site. Companies, then, have to decide how they want to get their name and message out to the world through these mediums. The plethora of options give companies platforms for video, audio, pictures, blogs and on and on. What will be most effective? That’s what big data is for. Companies can use it to evaluate and improve their own social media presence.

Social media, though, isn’t just for getting out the company’s name and message. It’s also for finding new talent that can take it to the next level. Because of the proliferation of social media, companies have access to large amounts of personal information. This means that companies can approach individuals for job opportunities without the individual even knowing there was an opportunity in the first place. By using big data, companies can find talented people who have a passion for the industry but for some reason or another are overlooked or don’t apply. It gives the company immense potential to find better employees to provide better products and services.

Another way that HR teams are using big data to their advantage is with mobile apps. Although many companies still lag behind in their development and implementation of mobile apps, many companies are actively using them to recruit, market and inform their consumer base. The increase in smartphones and tablets means going mobile is more important than ever for a company's success. Mobile apps are a great way to get customer and employee feedback too.

Mobile apps, social media and big data also come together as companies start to use gamification at increasingly high rates. Simply put, companies are trying to put game-like features into everyday company proceedings. This has been done across numerous platforms and has been found to be successful.

Finally, big data is also making it’s way into the HR scene with analytics of a company's own workforce. Increasingly, companies are using big data to monitor their own workforce and look for ways to increase productivity and improve profits. This puts an increased pressure on employees to perform, but it also means an increase in recognition for those who do well.

Companies and HR departments have their work cut out in staying atop the big data and social media wave. By doing so, however, they afford themselves the luxury of finding the best people to work for them, the best way to get their message out and the best way to increase productivity.