SilverStripe and Mollom partner in the war against spam

Lots of news this week regarding the open source SilverStripe CMS.  It is extremely unusual for CMS Report to post something on SilverStripe as well as something on comment spam twice in one week.  Yet, my two favorite companies, Silverstripe Ltd and Mollom, are going to have me do just that because of today's announcement that they've partnered together to help SilverStripe site owners block comment spam on their sites.

SilverStripe and Mollom worked together on improving the code in the official vendor-supported Mollom module which is compatible with SilverStripe 2.3.1 and greater.  Dries Buytaert, a Mollom co-founder, wrote about this new partnership to improve the module's code.

We [Mollom] have been working with Sigurd Magnusson and others at SilverStripe Limited to meet technical and commercial requirements of being a partner, and have been pleased at how easy this has been. SilverStripe's CMS also looks to have a bright future: while young, it now has over 150,000 downloads to date, a great user interface and underlying architecture, and last year won Packtpub's most promising open source CMS award. Therefore, our partnership with SilverStripe certainly meets our goals, and we're happy to have them on board to help the Mollom ecosystem grow.

The folks over at SilverStripe appear pleased with how well Mollom blocks spam. Sigurd Magnusson writes about SilverStripe's own experience with Mollom.

Mollom has proven to be very effective on and Together, those two sites have had more than 400,000 spam attempts in the past 6 weeks. Only about one in 10,000 spam appear to be getting through; we'd be overwhelmed with spam otherwise! The effectiveness of Mollom is largely due to Benjamin Schrauwen, a co-founder of Mollom who is responsible for its machine-learning capability. This capability means that as more people use (and abuse!) Mollom, the more it learns good from bad, and its ability to block inappropriate material improves.

Below the fold, you'll also find a video demonstrating how Mollom can be used to protect SilverStripe blogs, forums, and forms against spam.

Incidentally, if you're wonder why SilverStripe and Mollom are two of my favorite companies, it is because of the history and good impressions I have with these companies. For the past couple years SilverStripe's Sigurd Magnusson has left comments and emails here at  The SilverStripe CMS also left me with a very positive impression on me while I sat on a judging panel for the Most Promising open source CMS in 2008.  While I knew of Dries Buytaert through the Drupal community, in the Fall of 2007 he had contacted me to be one of the sites to quietly test Mollom before it went public. Dries trusted me to keep quiet about Mollom and I trusted him to not blow-up my Drupal site with early versions of his content spam fighting software.  Needless to say, I'm glad to see these SilverStripe and Mollom working together.