phpBB3 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) released

The official release of phpBB3 is almost near with the first release candidate now available. The following is a partial list of features that are new in this version phpBB that did not exist in 2.0.x.

  • Attachments - Attachments in posts and Personal Mail, Automatic image thumbnails,Display attachments inline
  • Unlimited Subforums - Create unlimited subforums, Display active topics of all subforums
  • Custom BBCodes - Create your own BBCodes, Add buttons to posting screen
  • Custom Profile Fields - Add new fields on user profiles, Display them at registration, Display them on the profile view
  • User Control Panel - Manage subscribed topics & forums, Manage bookmarked topics, Manage saved drafts, Manage private messages, Manage usergroups, Manage friends and foes, Manage attachments
  • New Moderating Tools - Moderation queue, Topic merging, Topic copying, Locking of single posts, Topic history
  • Caching and performance - Templates are cached, Permissions are cached, Forum config is cached, Database queries are cached
  • Friends and Foes - Add other members as friends or foes, Posts by foes are hidden, Friends are shown in friends list
  • Warnings and Reports - Users can report topics and posts, Moderators can warn users

The original announcement of the php3 Release Candidate is available at as well as documentation and download links.