phpBB Project drops CVS for Subversion

Once again, another open source project has dropped Concurrent Versions System (CVS) for Subversion (SVN). Both CVS and SVN are open source version control systems used mainly by developers involved in various software projects. This time the project is phpBB, a forum application.

We like to announce the switch from CVS to SVN for our repository management and source control. Within this step, we also set up a new home for phpBB development and phpBB related projects. At the moment only phpBB itself is listed and only repository management handled there. Within the next months we will enable more and more features and move internal projects as well as hopefully other public projects to the new home. [Link]

Although I'm not much of a developer, I've been interested for some time in why a project has picked one version control system over another. In part this is because I recognize revision control is something my own employer need to do better, not just for the larger projects but even the "local" non-enterprise projects I often found myself involved in.

I also find it interesting to why some projects, such as phpBB, find that migrating from CVS to SVN well worth their time and efforts. Meanwhile, other projects such as Drupal decide to remain on CVS with no current plans to change to another version control systems. There is no right answer here, but it's the sort of Windows vs Mac discussions that I find myself often drawn to.