down due to drive failure

I noticed on my way to bed that the site was down.  As of early Sunday, March 18th, a notice at phpBB says that they had a RAID failure due to two bad drives (looks like they're using a RAID 5 configuration).  Either way, they don't plan on being up for a few days.

As the server needs to be rebuilt with a new set of harddisks and reconfigured, there will be a number of days of downtime whilst this holding page is up on a vserver and that the server failure can be recovered from with the existing website and data from our private CVS repositories restored. In the mean time, please direct yourself to our temporary support forums over at Area51.

All I can say, is it looks like somebody will be having a busier week in IT than myself.  The phpBB application can still be downloaded through SourceForge.