ocPortal 4.3 released

ocPortal 4.3 was released this week. The new version of ocPortal introduces a number of "bug fixes, performance improvements, and usability improvements". However, ocPortal also introduces some new features to make upgrading to the new version more enticing.

The new features that have been implemented in ocPortal 4.3 include:

  • Wordpress, Joomla, and HTML website importers
  • iCal exporter
  • Quiz results CSV exporter
  • New Comcode 'pulse' tag
  • Improved shared-install functionality
  • ocPortal can now run without a database (the inbuilt database is now a bundled feature, although not completely supported or recommended for production sites)
  • New developer feature for the quick addition of language strings, written (temporarily) in-line into the code
  • Support for running a server behind a proxy server

Additional details regarding ocPortal 4.3 can be found in the official ocPortal news announcement.