Nuxeo Platform gets on the fast track with FT 7.1

This week, Nuxeo announced the availability of Nuxeo Platform Fast Track 7.1 (FT 7.1).  The Nuxeo Platform is the company's flagship product, a "highly customizable and extensible content management platform for building business applications". FT 7.1 follows November's release of Long Term Support (LTS) 6.0 and continues a very aggressive roadmap of continuous improvements for the platform leading up to LTS 8.0 by year's end. 

Among the platform enhancements and improvements are a new service for metadata read and write on binaries, computed image views, extended field constraints, a new reference engine and a streamlined workflow graph editor.

"We are pleased to release our first Fast Track of 2015 and the first of the 7.x series. This release includes enhancements to the platform to further support developers as they efficiently build and manage their applications.” says Eric Barroca, Nuxeo CEO. “We are also laying the foundation for major innovations in upcoming Fast Track releases.”

New features and improvements in FT 7.1 include:

Computed Picture Views

In FT 7.1, the service for handling computed picture views has been updated. The Nuxeo Platform now offers the ability to easily declare and configure new views using Automation Chains. Several new conversion operations have also been added to the operation library such as the conversion and resizing of a picture along with watermarking. Picture conversions can now be filtered so that developers can choose which picture conversions should be executed on a given document.

Filtering is done through standard filters already used in the Nuxeo Platform. This enables developers to offer end users a selection of file sizes that can easily be downloaded from the summary tab.

Metadata Read/Write On Binaries

The capability to extract and write embedded metadata on binaries from Automation Chains, Event Handlers and any platform service becomes a native part of the Nuxeo Platform. The key benefit is the ability to handle virtually any embedded metadata on a file, only by configuration, and closely linked to the business case and needs.

This new service makes it simple to declare new metadata read / write processors and metadata document property mappings. It provides the features needed for using this mapping  in custom automation chains context. With FT 7.1, developers are expected to be able to easily configure metadata extraction and edits on metadata embedded files, such as:

  • Office, PDF metadata
  • EXIF, IPTC, XMP metadata
  • Media information (especially on video, pictures and sound)

Workflow Graph Editor

FT 7.1 has an upgraded visual editor for workflow processes. Improvements include a grid based system, better auto layout engine and snappy grid underlying the designer. It also let workflow designer position elements more easily. Nuxeo Studio users can design their business process more easily with a greatly improved process definition clarity. This new editor is also available in the platform to present/preview workflow  processes to users.

Extended Fields: Constraints and References

FT 7.1’s repository engine has been improved with support of advanced constraint definition and a powerful reference engine.

The repository‘s flexible content model had been improved with advanced field-level constraints in the schema definition and an object reference engine. In addition to standard XML schema constraints, the repository supports advanced regular expression patterns and reference to other objects (in the repository or in external value lists), including implicit referential integrity checks. The reference engine also offers a more easy way to expand referenced objects when fetching a document, making it possible to get a document and all objects referenced in a single call.

This new functionality in the Nuxeo Platform adds another level of power and expressivity to model deep, complex business domains that are found in industries such as financial services, healthcare and government.

​Source: Nuxeo