Mechdyne Collaboration Tool for Design Thinking, Agile Project Management Features Upgraded Capabilities

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Mechdyne Collaboration Tool for Design Thinking, Agile Project Management Features Upgraded Capabilities

Wed, 06/17/2020 - 08:49
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Meeting Canvas 3.0 multi-user software transforms static meetings into evolving and interactive discussions, including BYOD participation for dynamic teamwork

June 17, 2020 Marshalltown, Iowa: Mechdyne Corporation, an advanced technology powerhouse and pioneer in immersive display systems, today announced that its Software Services business unit has introduced Meeting Canvas 3.0. Meeting Canvas is a software platform that enables multidisciplinary collaboration and data-driven decision making. Meeting Canvas unifies access to content and data sources. It presents them in contextual ways, across any display system, making Meeting Canvas the ultimate collaboration tool for design thinking and agile project management teams.

This collaboration tool simultaneously integrates multiple sources of content, enables digital sticky notations and dynamic mark-ups in real-time, and caters to continuous team workflow activities. Meeting Canvas enables strategy teams to brainstorm, analyze, and implement new processes in less time. It supports product design teams as they innovate to develop new, higher-quality designs, faster. It facilitates researchers who must analyze multiple, contextual datasets, collaborate, and annotate insights.

“With Meeting Canvas from Mechdyne, we no longer come away from meetings with stacks of sticky notes and whiteboards that can’t be erased,” said a design director at a large automotive company. “The software tool makes it easy for us to share content from multiple sources without bringing in tech support, and it tracks changes and comments on the fly, making everyone more productive.”

Automotive and aerospace companies, scientific researchers, product designers, and any organizations with complex, long term projects can benefit from Meeting Canvas’s capabilities. It allows teams to save meeting progress as it is made, start again later exactly where discussions ended, without losing track of comments and changes. With near-infinite display scalability, the software tool brings value to collaborators focused on research, review, and decision-making during team sessions that span weeks or months.

Meeting Canvas leverages off-the-shelf PC components to maximize hardware stability. Its capabilities allow up to 90 open windows of data and video on display simultaneously, pushing the 32 million-pixel limits of the Windows 10 desktop. Meeting Canvas allows meeting participants to access, control, and contribute content to the canvas with mobile devices, increasing the efficiency of collaborative sessions by enabling sharing and control from one or more devices at a time.

Key features of Meeting Canvas include:

  • Simultaneous viewing of multiple content and data sources in dynamically resizable windows
  • Real-time interactivity between multiple devices and data types
  • Real-time annotations and sticky notes captured for later reference
  • Recording of Meeting Canvas sessions including visuals and audio
  • Scalability from single large displays to full immersive, ultra-high-resolution workspaces like Mechdyne’s 76 million pixel CAVE2
  • Multiple displays connected into one canvas.

Meeting Canvas version 3.0 now also includes:

  • Sharing of data and control of the main Canvas from handheld devices
  • Local file sharing
  • Easy access to all Meeting Canvas capabilities through a circular interface hub

“Meeting Canvas has the perfect balance of structure and flexibility to support collaboration the way you need it, incorporating key features to augment your workflow and collaboration needs,” said David Gsell, General Manager of Mechdyne’s Software Services business unit. “It takes collaboration to a new level, highlighting points of discussion, recording important debates, or picking up the meeting right where you left off. The new version now means that you can bring your laptops and mobile devices to meetings and share content and control the displays from your mobile device. That’s a real breakthrough!”

Based in Virginia Beach, VA, Mechdyne Corporation’s Software Services business unit has more than twenty years of global experience in complex visualization solutions, including virtual reality software products and specialized software services. Its products allow for easy data transfer into visualization systems for walk-throughs, design reviews, computational steering, human factors, and more. In addition to Meeting Canvas, the group can scale complexity from single display systems to large clusters, providing capabilities ranging from custom development toolsets, end-user applications, and professional consulting services.