Magento: Everything you need to know about product attribute sets

The Magento platform which delivers ecommerce solutions is a great choice for many reasons. One of them is a great bunch of functions and settings one can adjust its online store to. If you are new to Magento, you might come up with a number of questions. One of the most frequent ones is how to use product attribute sets properly.

In this article we will provide a detailed definition of what attribute sets are and how to use them with the maximum efficiency.

Magento Attributes. Definition.

As one can guess from its name, Magento Product Attribute is designed to specify certain features of a Product. Among the most popular attributes are:

  • Color,
  • Size,
  • Width,
  • Height.

But one should keep in mind that Magento platform allows creating any amount of attributes types depending on your needs. In order to make the process of creating an attribute easier, the system suggests choosing one of the following 9 types of the fields:

  1. Text Field
  2. Text Area
  3. Date
  4. Yes/No
  5. Multiple Select
  6. Dropdown
  7. Price
  8. Media Image
  9. Fixed Product Tax

Don’t worry you wouldn't have to create all the attributes yourself, Magento platform offers 66 types of preset Magento attributes, so there is a high probability you wouldn't have to create any additional ones. The system allows changing the properties of attributes. The only exception is “Catalog Input Type for Store Owner” property. In case there is a necessity to change it, simply create another attribute with the required settings.

One should pay attention to the fact that Product Attributes are used not only for Product Description, bit also for navigation throughout the catalogue. For layered navigation the following types of attributes are used:

  • Price,
  • Multiselect,
  • Dropdown.

How are Attribute sets used?

Attribute set includes all attributes that are used to describe certain product. Any Magento store owner uses Attribute sets when creating a new product. With the help of sets all the necessary product information is imported within one step. Default settings of Magento platform include 14 attribute sets.

One can see the list of existing Attribute sets by following this route: Catalog >> Attributes >> Manage Attribute Sets. There you will find the existing Attribute Sets named upon different types of products e.g. Cameras, Cell Phones, Hard Drive, etc.


To see the configuration of an Attribute Set, simply click on it.

At this page you will see three groups of data. Follow the table below to learn the details about them.

Group name


Set name

This is a name that is created for internal use. This label is not visible to customers.

Attribute groups

A number of Attributes organized together. For example, Attribute group ‘Price’ might include attribute ‘special price’, ‘cost’, ‘summer sale price’.

Unassigned attributes

Attributes that don’t belong to any of the groups specified. Nevertheless they can still be added to the set with the use of drag and drop.

How can I create an Attribute set?

Creating an Attribute set saves time greatly and is very convenient when ne needs to add not a single, but a great number of similar products. Let’s see how you can create an Attribute set for your Magento store.

The first thing you need to do is to click the button “Add New Set”.

To save time and effort select one of the default Attribute sets on the basis of which new set will be created. Keep in mind that all the groups existing in that default Attribute set will be automatically added to the new set. But don’t worry, after a new Attribute set is created, you will be able to introduce changes in it and delete the fields that are not required or add some new ones.

When creating Attribute Sets it is important to remember that once the product with the set has been created, it is impossible to change the set to another one.

You will only be able to add or delete some fields from the existing Attribute set. This way we highly recommend you to plan everything in advance.

If you still need this feature, the best solution will be to install Mass Product Actions extension that has “Change Attribute Set” mass action. To do this, select “Simple Product” and click on “Change Attribute Set”. There you can choose the required set.

We hope now you have all the questions about Magento Attribute Sets answered. If there are still left any, feel free to leave them in the comments section.