GLORIAD: CMS in Review

I came across a well written summary of content management applications (especially open source CMS) via a Security Blog over at GLORIAD. The CMS article is a near perfect overview on the state of CMS in 2007. This article is a "must read" in my opinion and it's really too bad I didn't write it first. Can you tell I'm envious?

At the end of the article the author concludes:

The bottom line, there are alot of very intelligent people working on the various CMS projects. On top of that, other brilliant IT folks are choosing differently when it comes to which system is best.

I share the same opinions that not one CMS fits all. You have to do your homework and only you can determine which CMS is the perfect fit for your site, organization, and task. Feel free to outsource the technical implementation, but never outsource the decision making required in adopting the CMS right for you. Enough preaching.