dotCMS 2.3 : Responsive Design, Theme Library and new Developer Tools

dotCMS, an open source, Java-based content management system, is proud to announce the release of v2.3 – which continues to add features that address real world challenges faced by content managers, web developers and java developers in the modern enterprise.

For business users, dotCMS 2.3 provides a WYSIWYG Template Designer that can be used to visually layout and preview responsive pages in a variety of mobile devices. 2.3 also provides a Content Time Machine, which gives users a way to browse snapshots of their sites as they looked in the past, or how they will look in the future.

For web developers, dotCMS 2.3 introduces the idea of themes that use responsive design.  Themes are modular, shareable skins that provide a consistent, responsive look and feel for all visitors.  In building themes, web developers are not locked into a specific framework and are free to work with their preferred CSS/JS libraries.   Additionally will host a Theme Library where users can download, contribute and share themes developed for the system. To help users get started, dotCMS 2.3 provides sample themes for (Twitter’s) Bootstrap, Foundation and YAML responsive frameworks.

dotCMS 2.3 also introduces a plugin that offers runtime support for Sass CSS compilation. Web developers can modify CSS and Sass code in the sytem and the dotCMS plugin will automatically compile it and serve the compiled version - allowing for rapid web development iteration.

For Java developers, dotCMS 2.3 continues to strengthen its position as an open source content platform for rapid Java web development.  In dotCMS 2.3, a developer can now hot-deploy entire web application frameworks such as Wicket and Spring Web Flow within dotCMS.   Developers can also hot-deploy new portlets, admin tools, rewrite rules and scheduled jobs all without a server restart.

“It is essential for todays’ sites to work seamlessly across every PC, tablet and smartphone without having to design a separate “channel”, site or application for each device,” said Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS.  “With 2.3 and the introduction of Responsive themes, dotCMS now provides a simple, powerful tool to rapidly build content rich sites that work on all devices and is still flexible enough to support any responsive css frameworks, now and moving forward”.

For a complete list of features, improvements and changes, see the change log available on dotCMS’s site.