Do You Know the True Potential of Instagram for Social Media Marketing?

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Do You Know the True Potential of Instagram for Social Media Marketing?

Sat, 09/09/2017 - 10:53
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The usage of Instagram makes social media marketing more interesting as the content is linked to interesting and impressive pictures that are relevant to the brand message.

There is no exaggeration in the fact that the Internet and social media has made the world a lot smaller and brought people closer. From finding information on anything under the sun to buying things without stepping outside the house, it is all possible by virtue of the web. Today, we can access the internet not only from our desktop computers but also from mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and such.

The rise in the use of social media and its accessibility through mobile devices have revolutionized the way business is conducted. Business owners can now promote their company on social platforms such as Instagram, which is proven to have a huge appeal among today's generation of buyers.

The Instagram platform

The credit for this platform goes to Mr. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. In simple words, Instagram is an application which works on the combination of Instant camera and Telegram. The old proverb "Old wine in a new bottle" comes true here. The usage of camera and telegrams has been popular for many years. However, using these two sources and making a new application is what Instagram is all about.

Instagram revolution

In this world of instant communication, Instagram has brought a revolution. It is easy to install and can be utilized on any inbuilt internet based operating system. After installing the application on their smartphones or tablets, users can easily upload or download photos, videos as it is a user-friendly photo sharing application. The application also allows the geographical location of the user to be visible if he/she wants to share his location details.

Importance of social media network for businesses

Social media is a means of communication in the society. Marketers soon saw the potential of the social platforms and started using them to promote brands. Social media works on a technology which is computer based and requires the internet to operate. Since sharing information via the social network is easy and convenient, businesses can advertise their products or services with the right content, and it reaches the right users at the right time.

The usage of Instagram makes social media marketing more interesting as the content is linked to interesting and impressive pictures that are relevant to the brand message. It always maintains the interest of the users. Once the user is convinced, he/she will surely share it with others. Like this, the message is shared to the masses who may be interested in the product or service. Some social media networks have the facility of sharing the information at one instance when some message is shared to a group. With such good points to its account, social media has a bad effect also. Once someone is addicted to such media, he or she neglects everything else and concentrate all the time only on viewing the messages and advertisements. There may be a chance of blindly believing the wrong content posted on the network.

The popular social media networks prevailing in the market are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapshots, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Each social media network is specialized in one unique feature.

Instagram followers

One has to be clear regarding whether the user is an Instagram follower or is following someone else. When you post a message, your message is being followed by many other users. They can be referred as followers, and when you are following someone else's message, then you become a follower of that particular user. You need to provide quality information through your posts on the social media to keep your followers intact. It is essential to have adequate Instagram followers for quick success.

There should be some rules regarding usage of Instagram on social media or users may misuse the facility of sharing of information.

  1. Whenever any user creates his profile, the network gathers all required information about the user such as name, address, alternate email address, and contact no. The social media network should ask no other details like bank details or personal data. Web hackers may misuse the user information.

  2. The social media network should not allow any user below the specified age according to the Law.

  3. When a user introduces someone else to the network, he/she should be completely aware of the fact that he/she will be accountable for anything wrong done by the new user.

  4. Sharing of messages, videos, and pictures are good, but the authenticity of the information is to be taken care of. Since it is a social media web, any message whether right or wrong will spread like fire.

  5. The pictures linked to the message should be relevant, or the user may lose interest, which will result in a decrease in viewership of social media network.

  1. In case of brand promotion, the content should give full details of the brand or product along with correct brand images to identify the brand in the market or online transactions. If possible, even the price tags have to be mentioned along with the posts. The places where these products are available are also to be displayed. It helps the users to take a decision faster.

  1. Those who keep the social media network on the top may try some gimmicks and try to post wrong information which may sometimes create curiosity in users. The users should be careful while reading the messages and analyze what is right and what is wrong.

  2. Nowadays social media is used for illegal purposes, such as various applications are programmed so that when these unauthorized links are selected some unknown virus attacks your systems resulting in the hacking of your system or damaging your systems. It is unavoidable, but some precautions can be taken to stop such illegal activities.

  3. The messages posted by a brand should not provoke any communal violence or violate the rights of others.

  4. Any negative publicity should be avoided for ideal brand recognition and reputation.

The concept of social media and Instagram is great, and let us make it worthy of proper usage.