CMS User: Do not forget about CPG Dragonfly

I received an email from CPG Dragonfly CMS advocate, Dizfunkshunal. He observed that we do not cover Dragonfly here too much. Sadly, Dizfunkshunal is correct in his observation, in the past we have posted only a few articles regarding Dragonfly. How did this happen?

Articles regarding a particular content management system get posted on this site by two significant groups of people. Those two groups of people that have the power to put focus on a specific CMS are you and me. The 30 CMS that I am most impressed with today are listed on my site is the left-sidebar under "CMS Focus". This list has changed and will continue to change over time. If you want to help change that list then help persuade me either through comments or by submitting your own stories to

So let Dizfunkshunal's e-mail below be the first battle cry for getting Dragonfly back on the list. Let this battle cry also be an invitation for you to join into the fight. Feel free to submit your own CMS related articles. If you do submit a story to spread the word on a particular project, please do not make it sound like a press release. Let me give you a hint on where to start. Most people like honest and fair articles that are written to inform not to sell. I try to follow this rule and I think that is why readers keep coming back.

We now return back to the original point of this post...reasons for why we should focus more articles on Dragonfly CMS.

Hello, My Name is Carl G. aka Dizfunkshunal. I am contacting about This is a CMS that is not listed on your site. It has been around and developed for 4 years that I have been a members and many years prior to me joining.

I have used several CMS softwares (Drupal, Joomla, Vbulletin, PhpNuke, and many more) So far DragonflyCMS has topped them all. When you compare Security, Speed, Compatibility, reliability I
have not found another open source project that can be compared to Dragonfly, I haven't found [] any commercial apps that can compare either.

Dragonfly does not get a lot of PR. the developers spend there time developing instead of promoting.

I am checking out all the cms review site and those who do not list DragonflyCMS, I am contacting to see if [the you] will.
Thank you for your time. Have a nice Day.

Carl, I can't promise Dragonfly will make my "top 30" list, but I do promise that together we will begin to cover the CMS more often. Until then, I am also curious to hear comments from other Dragonfly users on what they think about their CMS.