CMS Made Simple 1.11.8 Released

The development team for CMS Made Simple recently announced the latest version in its CMSMS 1.11 series. This release brings a few minor features, some performance improvements, documentation improvements, a Smarty upgrade, and a number of bug fixes (including a minor security issue). 

Some of the more significant new features and improvements found in CMSMS 1.11.8 include:

  • The News module is now sporting a new dropdown custom field type. This improves the flexibility of the News module, allowing the creation of numerous drop down fields, which editors (or frontend article submitters) may choose from when adding or entering News articles.
  • A new core event was added, TemplatePreFetch, which is called before a template is fetched from the database and is useful for modules like CmsTouch that allow template switching, or modules like TemplateExternalizer, that allow editing your templates on the filesystem instead of the CMSMS admin interface.
  • The Search module has also been improved and optimized. It is now possible to prevent individual page template content blocks from being indexed. As well, the CMSMS team removed some non-functioning code with the result that page templates and GCB's are no longer indexed. This should improve performance a little bit in the admin interface, and when doing searches.
  • Work has been done to optimize page load times, particularly in the "list content" and "edit content" areas, and anywhere where a page list is displayed. Site administrators managing websites with several hundred or more content pages should notice the improvement. Additionally, the route handling code has been optimized, which should significantly improve the performance on the frontend for larger sites, or sites with lots of custom URLS.
  • Module dependencies are recognized and loaded when a new module is loaded.
  • Additionally, Smarty has been upgraded to the latest released version (v3.14). This release fixes some obscure—but important—issues for our advanced users.
  • Finally, the sample htaccess.txt file that is distributed with CMSMS has been improved and better documented. 

CMSMS 1.11.8 is available from the download page.

Source: Release Announcement