Best Open Source non-PHP CMS: Plone Wins, followed by dotCMS and DotNetNuke

Packt Publishing announced the winner of their 2008 Best Open Source Other CMS Award and it is Plone.

Packt is delighted to exclusively reveal the first category winner of the 2008 Open Source CMS Award as Plone. Run[ning] on the Zope application server, Plone wins the Best Other Open Source CMS Award and receives $2,000. Also recognized by the judges were dotCMS and DotNetNuke who finished second and third respectively, both picking up $500.

Although I'm not a Plone user, I've been quietly rooting for Plone to come out on top as the best non-PHP content management system.  This looks to be Plone's moment to shine.

I thought it was interesting that the judges praised "the ecosystem that is developing around Python and Zope is encouraging" for which supports Python.  While Python is one of the few languages I still work with, I've heard from other users over the years that they are hesitant to use Plone since they also would need to learn more about Zope.  In some ways, this award is a validation by the judges that running Plone on the Zone application server is a positive and not a negative.

I'm also happy to see dotCMS and DotNetNuke were recognized.  I've talked about DotNetNuke for some time and recently started covering the progress of dotCMS.