Agility CMS updated with May 2012 Release

Agility recently announced an update to their Agility CMS which they've labeled under the "May 2012 Release" header. The Agility May 2012 Release offers a complete revamp of their digital asset management system, a whole new system for generating image galleries and thumbnails, and the ability to store and retrieve file and image assets in Agility's new Azure-based content delivery network.

In discussing the redesigned digital asset management system, Agility's Joey Varty blogged about the new features in this release and he highlighted what impressed him most.

You now have sections for Media (which matches the old "Documents" section), a new Image Galleries tab, and a Recycle Bin.

One of my favorite things is the new "Show As Grid" option, giving you thumbnails of all files and images in a folder.  Take a look at the new media selection dialog:

Agility's new Media Selection Dialog

You'll notice that the selection dialog looks almost exactly like the Media page.  That's on purpose, of course, and your most recent folder and viewing styles are remembered by the system.
There is a  lot of passion behind the development of this release of Agility CMS due to the new features that should be welcomed by authors and site administrators. For example, Agility CMS now includes an image editor that gives authors and administrators the ability to crop, resize, flip, rotate, add text. It's the little things like the automatic generation of thumbnails, drag and drop uploads, and movement of items in content that while minor on the feature list are of subtle importance to a good content management experience. This new release of Agility CMS brings all these features to the user.

Some of the more specific details of the new features, improvements, and fixes in Agility CMS May 2012 Release can be found in the release notes:

  • Digital Assets (Improved Document and Photo Management)
  • Improved Agility UGC comment notification emails
  • Improved content list paging performance for large lists
  • Upgraded HTML editor control to latest version
  • Fixed issue with state changes not updating in comment moderation view within Agility.
  • Improved JavaScript memory management when opening dialogs within Agility improving memory usage in some browsers.
  • Fixed bug with preview button not being displayed when a preview domain was properly configured.
  • Fixed template selection on non-website channel types which were selecting website specific templates.
  • Fixed bug which was causing only 9 items to appear in a content list instead of the expected 10 items.
  • 40 Random Bugs