Acquia acquires TruCentric for Content Personalization

AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 3, 2014 – Acquia, the digital business company, today strengthens its offerings for big data marketing and commerce, signing a definitive agreement to acquire Toronto-based TruCentric and its SaaS solution for real-time customer profiling and user engagement. TruCentric uses situational and historical data to drive deeper understanding of site visitors and provides insight in a way that marketers can make use of it.

"Today, everyone expects a personalized, relevant, and engaging experience, but the vast majority of visitors are typically anonymous, and therefore difficult to engage. Being a digital-first business requires a commitment to harnessing data from all prospects to make better decisions faster," said Dries Buytaert, CTO and co-founder, Acquia. "Acquia is acquiring TruCentric to help organizations get a handle on their critical customer data, quickly analyze it, and capitalize on it by delivering more engaging experiences from the very first visit to a site."

TruCentric advances Acquia's digital engagement solution offerings by providing deep, real-time insight into visitor behavior that yields necessary context for more effective website personalization and commerce. As content and commerce converge, Acquia and TruCentric can help organizations bring their brand to life in a highly engaging online shopping experience that is content rich, socially immersive, and personal. The joint solution will seamlessly integrate known data with anonymous data to build a higher level understanding of customer segments. These analytic insights, paired with Acquia Lift’s testing and personalization capabilities, will transform digital interactions into hyper-personalized experiences.

“Organizations have long personalized their websites for customer segments. Now they need to go further, first by delivering the right experience to the right user at the right time and on the right device and next by delivering relevant, tailored experiences that meet individual user needs by combining historical, behavioral, and profile data with real-time situational feedback,” stated the January 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. report, "Advance to Next-Generation Personalization".

“We’re leading marketers to the holy grail of engagement. The road starts with gaining real-time insights into customer and anonymous user behavior for actionable results,” said Dave Datars, co-founder of TruCentric. “Marketers gain a competitive advantage by creating engaging experiences that deliver the best content to every site visitor.”