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Terry Godier is an experienced and skilled business consultant and Financial advisor in the USA. He helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During his spare time he loves to write on Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media. He loves to share his knowledge and Experts tips with his readers.

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What Are The Benefits of Quality Content for Your Marketing Needs Online?

Have you ever wondered about the methods with which you can get are traffic to your website? There are many different methods of marketing, particularly with the advent of digital marketing techniques, and a number of stores are coming with their own unique ways of marketing their products. A very influential role is played by the content that you have on your website in determining the SEO ranking of the site. The optimization work and the related ranking are important factors that influence traffic and visibility of your site.

A Quick Guide to Achieving Stellar Results from Your Instagram Marketing Campaign Terry Godier Mon, 09/04/2017 - 07:58

With tens of millions of photos being shared daily on Instagram, the photo- and video-sharing platform offers you a great opportunity to reach a vast audience of your current and prospective customers. However, to capture their attention and convert that attention into sales, you need to post the right content. So, what do you post?

It is essential that you think carefully about the type of content you’re going to be posting on your feed before you decide on a visual style. One way to go – the one most common – is making your products or services the focal point of your content. Alternatively, you can choose to focus on your culture and community.