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Why is jQuery a Preferred Development Software and How Can You Make It More SEO-Friendly?

Web developers and programmers are always in search of new tools and procedures that will improve the performance of their websites. They also need to learn and implement search engine-friendly techniques to ensure that their sites are adequately optimized and able to perform as per the latest Google algorithm updates.

Ever since its release back in 2006, jQuery, the cross-browser, open-source library, has been used around the world, and its popularity has grown to such an extent that it is currently the most popular JavaScript library available to developers. In fact, some experts deem jQuery to be the best web development software based on its growth rate and usage.

Support Your SEO Campaign With a Strong Social Media Strategy

As a marketer, do you want to build your brand with trust and authority? Do you want to use your website to drive more traffic and then convert it into sales? Is it your motto to serve customers exceptionally well? If the answer to the questions is in the affirmative, then you have to integrate the social media into SEO to achieve the goals.