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Hitesh Matlani: A software consulting professional at Elegant MicroWeb working with businesses, web agencies and IT companies to define roadmap for their web, mobile, ecommerce solutions and offshore outsourcing initiatives. Working closely with business and technical teams to ensure value addition through outsourcing initiatives.

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Critical Considerations for Content Marketing Success – Part I

If your content marketing initiative isn't working for you, you are not alone! While nearly 95% of small businesses and business-to-business companies have content marketing programs, many organizations are falling short of their goals. In fact, less than 10% of companies surveyed were happy with the results of their programs.So, why are companies still investing in these initiatives? Because, every business manager knows that content marketing is important to their success. They just don't know how to go about establishing a successful program.

Bigcommerce for eCommerce? Know Your Requirements

For the small to medium sized business (SME), there are many more eCommerce options available today. If you want to build an online store, you can expect to find a solution that will allow you to develop your shopping cart or eStore as part of an overall website, and provide a secured buying experience, payment gateways, product catalogs, email accounts, marketing tools, sales reports, and reasonable mobile optimization.

Keys to a Great Online Buying Experience for Users and Great Revenue for You

Some businesses must satisfy their customer need to touch and feel or to consult with an expert before buying a product. Other businesses might need to provide catalogues of images, custom orders, a myriad of colors, international shipping options, weekly or monthly discounts or coupons to ensure customer interest - the possibilities are endless. It is therefore critical that the business design and build an eCommerce presence that provides consistent branding and image and satisfies the demands, desires and needs of their particular customer demographics and geographies.