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Daydream: The 8 Steps To Digital Asset Management Success

26 August 2011, London, UK.- Leading digital asst management consultancy, Daydream, have recently released a new report that seeks to guide managers through the often complex task of planning a digital asset management solution across the complete implementation process.  Titled 'The 8 Steps To DAM Success: A Manager's Guide To Planning And Costing Digital Asset Management Projects', the report provides impartial advice on the key steps in any dig

Daydream Announce Major Update To FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager 3.3.9

London, UK, 28th July 2011. Open Source Digital Asset Management vendor, Daydream have announced a major upgrade to their FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager software. This latest edition provides a wealth of new features including: customisable metadata, new preview plug-in architecture and a dedicated JavaScript scripting engine.