Optimizing Magento Performance

According to the recent research, 64% of dissatisfied online shoppers said they were less likely to visit a slow retailer again, 62% were less likely to purchase from the site again and 48% would purchase from a competitor.

Such statistics always makes developers puzzle – from one hand, the website owner wants the application to be multifunctional and universal, from the other – it shouldn’t be slow. And the problem is always to make a solid extension work as fast as possible.

eBay Agrees to Acquire Magento

Magento: "The past several years have been an amazing journey for Magento, as we've grown from a new open source platform into an eCommerce leader. Along the way, we've built not only a platform, but a company and a worldwide community. Together, we've identified opportunities, taken risks, innovated, struggled, succeeded, and changed the face of eCommerce. Today marks a milestone on this journey as we announce the most exciting news in our company's history.

Finalists in Packt's 2010 Open Source Awards announced

Packt Publishing recently announced the finalists in each of the categories for their 2010 Open Awards. While award categories for content management systems are still included, this year Packt is also adding additional flavors of open source projects to be judged. The new award categories include awards for most promising open source project, e-commerce applications, graphics software, and JavaScript libraries.

Magento 1.1.5 Released

A new version of my favorite shopping cart has been released.  Magento, an open source ecommerce platform, is now available under version 1.1.5.

This version includes many bug fixes for Magento 1.1.x that are listed in the release notes section.

This version also comes with new features:

  • New category management tool that will allow store owners to manage a large number of categories, which can be tested on our demo admin site.
  • New skin to the Magento Default theme which can be seen here


Review of 9 open source e-commerce platforms Bryan Ruby Sun, 05/04/2008 - 19:22

Webdistortion, a web design studio in Northern Ireland, recently reviewed nine different e-commerce platforms. All nine platforms reviewed were open source software packages.