Ektron, FatWire, ocPortal and Sitecore added to CMS Report's top 30 list

During the past few weeks, I have been quietly updating CMS Report's CMS Focus page. CMS Focus is a list of the top 30 Web applications representing what I see as the Web applications of today and tomorrow which interest me the most. In a world where niche CMS news sites try to cover it all for their readers, I feel one of the strengths of CMSReport.com is limiting our focus on a certain number of CMS.

Mailbag: FatWire

Yes, your host has been very bad in answering his email.  So we continue to make good by giving everyone their 15 minutes here at CMS Report.  Some of these CMS we'll cover more in dept at a later date.  Rita, an advocate for FatWire writes:

Do you cover WCM? By way of background, FatWire Software provides industry-leading web experience management (WEM) solutions that enable organizations to deliver a rich online experience to users and to simplify management of their web presence.