Is your site hot or not?

First, there was HOT or NOT where you could rate the pictures of men and women. A great site to visit if you're single and don't have a date on a lonely Friday night. But life changes and now you have a family. Do what do you do if you're married with nothing to do on a Saturday night?

Yes, you can always watch Curious George with the family, but how do you get back to your old life in a responsible manner? Well, now you have an alternative, Web Hot or Not?

David Sifry (Technorati) explains how came to exist.

How did it come to exist? When I was in Madrid visiting my friend and investor Martin Varsavsky late last year, we had a fun time brainstorming ideas to help find and rate interesting web sites, and we came up with the idea. Who knows, perhaps the ratings might even be useful if people start using the site - sort of a "prediction market" for web sites. Most of all, we just wanted to create a simple site that was fast-loading and fun to use. We both love Hotornot, so we figured we'd do an homage.

Who knows where it'll go, it is a quick hack that Martin's team pulled together quickly with our direction. Go check it out - and if you've got a hot site that you want to add, you can submit the site as well! Martin blogs about it as well.

Now that you have the full story, why don't you go visit Web Hot or Not? Please put in a good word for while you're at it. I'm too sexy for my site, I'm too sexy for my site...