Turning the iPhone into a Moodle Server

Lots of people do interesting things once they've jail-breaked their iPhone. Dan Poltawski is no exception when he tries to turn his once client-only device into a Moodle Server.

Having ended up with a spare iPhone from a recent upgrade I decided to try jail-breaking the old one and see what software was out there away from the restrictions of the app store. I discovered that lighttpd, php and sqlite were all available from the software repositories for download - these three combined are enough to run a Moodle server. So out the window went cleaning my flat and sensible tasks - I had to make my phone into a Moodle server!

Once you start reading the article you will find that his first attempt at installing and using Moodle on his iPhone wasn't that successful. Still, Moodle on the iPhone is an interesting concept. To say the least, the concept is much more interesting than the YouTube video he provides of his experience. Dan, couldn't you at least added some background music or some audio of you swearing at your iPhone?