The Turtol Content Management System

Michael Wnuk from Turtol recently wrote to us asking for a review of his open source content management system, TurtolCMS.  He also  invited CMS Report readers to review the CMS and give comments.  The following is Michael Wnuk's e-mail to us about his CMS in its entirety:

My company, Turtol, is actively developing the TurtolCMS.  It's an open source, design agnostic content management system  targeting website owners with minimal technical expertise.

We've been using the TurtolCMS since March of 2007 for client work, at first, simply as a templating engine. Now we grant our clients access to editing tools so they can perform simple updates themselves.

We offer TurtolCMS hosting at [link] and also offer a demo version at [link]. 

The TurtolCMS is developed in Python and runs best within the mod_python + Apache evnironment.  The editing tools are built on the shoulders of Prototype and TinyMCE.  The TurtolCMS license is GPL and can be downloaded from the  site. 

We think it's some pretty cool stuff, and it's just the beginning!  I'd appreciate any feedback from you and your readers at this early stage. Expect updates in the not-so-distant future.

Although I don't have too much time to review the TurtolCMS, there's no reason others can't comment about the CMS in the space provided below.  In fact, I would be interested in hearing from others too.

Updated January 2, 2017. Turtol appears to be no more and links removed. Post remains for archived purposes.