Technology Break 2009 Begins

Every year, I like to slow down my technology usage for a few weeks. I don't think as human beings we were meant to be immersed in the huge quantity of digital information that we are today. From the moment I am awake to the moment I go to bed, my body is being loaded information. The email, cell phone, and the Internet seem to have a never ending presence in the lives of us IT folks. I don't have much control with removing technology from my work day, but I do have options in my personal life. It's time for me to unplug and officially begin my annual Technology Break.

As I  have done each and every year,  I'm taking a break from technology. From now through August, I'll be posting and managing the site a little less. I won't be abandoning CMS Report, but you will be seeing me a little less. My slogan for Tech Break 2009 is Blog less, Relax more.

To be honest, taking a break away from CMS Report is going to be difficult for me. I'm extremely excited with the new look and the new attitude we've found for I have additional changes planned for this site and I think most everyone will continue to like the new direction we're taking. However, for an IT guy like me, putting those changes on hold for a few weeks is going to be a challenge. In some ways, I can't wait until August gets here so I can clear the ticket for the site redesign.