A Simple Guide to Oracle Remote DBA to Optimize Your Business

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A Simple Guide to Oracle Remote DBA to Optimize Your Business

Sat, 08/26/2017 - 09:56

If your business is struggling to make headway in the current business environment, it is highly likely you are not leveraging the opportunities that come with proper data management.

If you are a business owner then you appreciate the unique challenges that you have to overcome. Modern business is now global and this means stiffer competition, especially for startups and smaller enterprises. The advent of the internet marketplace has also necessitated the need for new marketing strategies to stay ahead of the pack.

Within all these changes, there is one uniform strand; the importance of data. With so much information being generated, traditional data storage and management tools are no longer viable. Cabinet files have become obsolete, especially with the growing influence of online businesses.

This is one of the reasons why enterprise software focusing on handling these increasing volumes of data have become an integral feature in modern business. The availability, performance and security of larger volumes of data is more important than ever. In the competitive enterprise software market, Oracle database has emerged as the leader with both small and large businesses adopting the brand’s applications.

If you are a business owner looking for the best RDBMS Vendor, it is time to have a closer look at both the unique data management needs of your business and the place of the Oracle platform in ensuring business success.

If you are looking for information system that works seamlessly, Oracle is no doubt the first choice. Below are some crucial points to give you more insight on the best information management system in the market today.

Growing importance of Business Data

The concept of big data in the modern business landscape can no longer be ignored. There is so much information being generated and this is good news for every entrepreneur. With so much information available, it is now easier for businesses to make the right decision. Target marketing is now possible through analytics.

Businesses are now able to invest in only the viable marketing strategies through constant data collection and analysis. While big data is all the hype today, it is important to appreciate that this is not just about the data volumes you generate in your business but more importantly how you leverage such data for better ROI.

This is where an information management system comes in handy. Oracle databases not only help you store data safely but it is also easier to retrieve such information and analyze it using the available tools. You might be in the market looking for a database but it is important to appreciate other services that you will get from Oracle ranging from the database architecture, backup and data recovery systems, design and configuration and more. This makes Oracle products more comprehensive solutions for any enterprise.

Challenges in Data Management

If your business is struggling to make headway in the current business environment, it is highly likely you are not leveraging the opportunities that come with proper data management. Truth be told, there are more unique challenges that you will have to contend with when it comes to data management today. Take a look:

  • The sheer volumes of data and increased data velocity

  • Lack of processes and systems

  • Fragmented data ownership

  • Reactive approach to data management

  • Data content from new types of content

  • Flattening budgets

  • Limits on scalability

  • Data security and recovery

  • Lack of trained personnel

  • Low leverage of data assets

With all these challenges, there is an increasing need for any type of business to adopt a new approach to data management. Oracle data management software helps both small and large enterprises to overcome these challenges. Most of these challenges can be overcome by investing in this system and hiring a certified oracle remote DBA to oversee administration and maintenance of the database.

Leveraging Oracle Database Benefits

Are you confused about the database software to use? Of course there is a wide variety of products including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IMB DB2, Microsoft Access, Teradata, ADABAS, and Informix among others. However, Oracle DBS still remains ahead of the pack and this is mostly attributed to its high performance.

A Gartner Report in 2012 shows that Oracle had a market share of 48.3% stumping the competition from the closest four competitors. A Report by Gordon shows that database management system growth is set to surpass that of operating systems. The study shows Oracle will reap more from this shift.

There are more reasons to invest in the Oracle database. Take a look:

  1. Market presence – This is the largest RDBMS vendor and with such a presence comes a refined product. Most businesses today are looking for a reliable database that is able to handle all their emerging data needs. It is a platform used by the biggest 10 banks in the world and this is proof of how functional the database system is.

  2. Backup recovery – Oracle provides industrial strength data backup and online recovery. With the increasing sensitivity of data in the modern business environment, it is important to ensure the database management system you are using guarantees security and easy recovery in case of a breach.

  3. Functionality – The Oracle DBS can be used at all levels of an organization. It combines a high level of technology and business solutions that are applicable in any industry.

  4. Scalability – It is easy to integrate Oracle into your customized business platform. As your business grows so does the data generated and for you to make good use of this data, you must have software with the capacity. Oracle allows room for scalability with its features for customization.

  5. Easy management – The integrated light out management features, enterprise-wide control, performance analysis, simplified administration, innovative enterprise and faster problem resolutions make Oracle DBS the best solution for both small and large enterprise.

  6. Portability – One advantage of using Oracle DBS is the fact that it is ported on all major platforms. In fact, no other database management system is ported on more platforms than Oracle. It runs on more than 100 hardware platforms and 23 network protocols.

Oracle data software platforms enjoy frequent version updates and clients are well informed about such changes. It is a high-performance database platform with reliable technical support, declarative integrity, encryption features and lower total cost of ownership. It is the most reliable and accessible data management system in the market.

Author Bio

Sujain Thomas is an oracle remote DBA specialist based in New York City. She has over 17 years’ experience in database management in both public and private enterprises. She also writes on topical issues in the industry.