SilverStripe launches Global Partner Program

Silverstripe logoThere are reasons why I have been mentioning SilverStripe quite a bit here at CMS Report. In case you haven't noticed, the New Zealand based company has been making a lot of effort this year to expand their global reach.  Recently, SilverStripe put Sigurd Magnusson, their Sales and Marketing Director, on a sort of world tour to let everyone know more about the open source SilverStripe CMS. This week the latest news from the company is the launch of their Global Partner Program.

SilverStripe has today significantly expanded its global reach. From today, its corporate headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand, is complemented by partnerships with established companies in 8 locations throughout the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.

The Partner Program gives customers access to professional SilverStripe skills and knowledge across the globe. Today's milestone will allow businesses around the world to get local professional SilverStripe support and services. Additionally, the Partner Program will accelerate market adoption and awareness of SilverStripe globally.

Customers across the world can now visit to find a local SilverStripe partner who can help implement their SilverStripe solution.

For a couple weeks, I've been aware that SilverStripe was about to announce the launch of their partner program. The goal of the partner program is to help expand support and enthusiasm for the SilverStripe CMS. I was asked to say something nice about the CMS in their press release announcing the partner program.

SilverStripe Content Management System (CMS) is a modern platform used to construct and manage websites, web applications, and intranets. Released two years ago, it is open source and has been downloaded over 150,000 times. The CMS last year powered the US Democratic Party's National Convention website, streaming live speeches by Barack Obama, and serving 3.2 billion hits over 96 hours.

SilverStripe's focus on usability and well-built architecture is making it popular within government and established businesses. Because the SilverStripe CMS is free, it is also very popular with small businesses and with web developers.

Web industry expert Bryan Ruby of says that SilverStripe's technology is considered to be setting a new global standard for web and CMS technology. Bryan evaluated SilverStripe while judging the 2008 Packtpub Open Source CMS awards, in which SilverStripe won the 'Most Promising' category:

"SilverStripe CMS is firmly planted in a new generation of web content management systems. The ease, power, and flexibility of the user interface is an aspiration for its competitors. Quite simply, with SilverStripe it is easier to add pages, links, images, and do all the other typical tasks of managing a website. Under the hood, it also has a lot of good things going for it. Most other web and CMS platforms have awkward codebases that are difficult to customize and upgrade. There is an emerging trend to solve this by cleanly separating a CMS into two things: a well-architected object oriented code framework, and a user interface for content and site management. Several key players are heading down this path, but SilverStripe is unique because it has a two year lead. SilverStripe has had this architecture from day one, and is now perfecting it, rather than working towards the trend."

While it's not the first and likely not the last time I am called by someone as an "expert", I still remain not sure about the label. However, if there is one thing that this CMS enthusiast knows it is that SilverStripe running the US Democratic Party's National Convention website was huge for SilverStripe.

Before 2008, many of us who live and breath content management systems wondered how well SilverStripe would do with scalability and performance.  In fact, I would say that many of the SilverStripe developers and users themselves wondered if their CMS could really take the heat. The 3.2 billion hits over 96 hours not only introduced SilverStripe to America but it also proved SilverStripe has a future.  No doubt, 2009 is the time for everyone to seriously take a look at SilverStripe.