Running on Windows Vista SP1

Vista Service Pack 1 Install screenshot

Last Tuesday evening, I upgraded my Windows Vista desktop to Service Pack 1. If you regularly visit my blog, you know that I'm a long-time user of both Windows and Linux. You also know, that I've been deeply disappointed in Windows Vista.

The install of Vista SP1 went smoothly and I haven't discovered any of the driver issues other Windows users are having. This shouldn't be a surprise since I did have good luck running my box on the SP1 RC1 Refresh. Performance has been slightly improved since the original version of Vista. More importantly, I don't have to reboot my PC once a day just so I can get my LAN connectivity back. In short, Vista users will want to upgrade to SP1, but I still recommend those happy with their Windows XP, Linux, or Mac desktops to stay exactly right where they are.

This post now marks the end of me writing about my unhappiness with the state of the desktop and operating systems, whether we're talking about Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. I'm sure I'll be returning to the subject sometime down the road, but I want to focus on something else. In the next several months, I want to talk to you about the unhappiness with my own work and what I plan to do to improve it. We're going to first start by taking a hard look at this site,, and focus on what needs to be improved. I then will move on to other self-critical topics.

Why am I going to beat up on myself and my work so much? Acknowledging what I don't know or what I'm doing wrong is all part of my personal learning process. Given all the problems I see in my own work, I think we're all going to learn a lot! Stay tuned.