Ruby on Rails 3.0 is available

I'm not much of a programmer but I can appreciate the value of a good programming language when I see it. While I know Python and dabble with PHP, I've always appreciated Ruby and Ruby on Rails. There is something about the Ruby development scene that perks my interest in this programming language.

Ruby on Rails 3.0 was just released this week. The development of Rails 3.0 has been two years in the making. David August writes:

Rails 3.0 has been underway for a good two years, so it’s with immense pleasure that we can declare it’s finally here. We’ve brought the work of more than 1,600 contributors together to make everything better, faster, cleaner, and more beautiful.

Some of the biggest changes and additions in Rails includes:

  • New Active Record query engine - makes it easier to build complex queries over several iterations.
  • New router for Action Controller - the syntax has been modified to to favor the REST style
  • New Action Mailer
  • Manage dependencies with Bundler - Bundler allows you to specify the libraries, frameworks, and plugins that your application depends on.
  • XSS protection by default
  • Encoding issues resolved
  • Active Model: Validations, callbacks, etc for all models
  • Official plugin APIs
  • Documentation

If you're interested in Ruby on Rails 3.0, check out the download page at