Ruby-based Radiant CMS 0.6 released

It was announced at that the latest version of their CMS was released, Radiant 0.6 (Lapidary).

Last night the core team finished polishing off the rough edges of the latest release of Radiant. This is the first serious release in well over 6 months. The big news in this release is that we have created a first-class extension system to make it easier for you to tailor Radiant to meet your needs. A lot of people have already started using the extension system to create a number of useful third party add-ons. There are also numerous bug-fixes and improvements in other areas of the application. If you are still on the 0.5.x series this upgrade is a must. Core team member Sean Cribbs has compiled a complete list of the changes over on his blog.

End users and site managers will notice improvements and new features:

  • Installation changes including a new setup script.
  • Increased database support for sqlite3, PostGresSQL, and MS SQL Server.
  • Performance improvements
  • Radius Tag improvements
  • Administrative and Page editing improvements
  • The use of extensions!!!

Instructions and necessary links for downloading Radiant CMS can be found at