Robert Accettura - Presidential Campaigns and Website Secrets

Robert Accettura, a Mozzila contributer and web developer, has placed a follow-up to his original "Secrets in Websites" post, appropriately titled, Secrets In Websites II. When reading this type of posts on the Web it truly puts people like you and me into geek paradise.

This post is a follow up to the first Secrets In Websites. For those who don’t remember the first time, I point out odd, interesting, funny things in other websites code. Yes it takes some time to put a post like this together, that’s why it’s just about a year since the last time. Enough with the intro, read on for the code.

One thing you may miss in this post though is Page 2, be sure not to skip it. On the second page he has a section called Presidential Campaign Analysis. As I commented on Accettura's blog, I began a number of times doing a similar analysis focusing on the U.S. presidential campaigns, but I never quite got around to completing the task. I'm so glad that someone has done this. In the post, where applicable, Accettura also tries to identify what type of CMS the presidential candidates are using. So far he's identified Drupal, Wordpress, Archos, and Typepad.

Hopefully Accettura is open to corrections and perhaps we can help him identify better which CMS are being used? I already see one commenter identifying what may have been Drupal is actually a Wordpress site ("Chris Dodd’s site uses Drupal while Bill Richardson’s does not"). Either way, isn't this great stuff from Accettura?