Review of Intel's Revolutionary New 3D Xpoint Storage Technology

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Review of Intel's Revolutionary New 3D Xpoint Storage Technology

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 17:00
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3D Xpoint technology can potentially provide up to 1,000 times the storage of an SSD card

The computer world has been rocked recently by one of the biggest leaps forward in storage in over a decade. Intel have announced their revolutionary new 3D Xpoint technology, a format that can potentially provide up to 1,000 times the storage of an SSD card. It’s a major progression and what does it mean for the tech world?

The first thing to say is, this technology is not yet entirely available to a wider audience. As with many technological leaps forward, it is currently being directed specifically as a business storage solution. However, don’t let that discourage you. We’ve seen this with no end of technological innovations before. There’s no doubt that, as this amazing new storage format becomes the go-to for the business world, we will see it become available for the wider customer base in general.

And what does 3D Xpoint mean for the average computer user? Well, the benefits speak for themselves. With such a huge leap forward in available storage, we’re expecting to see this amazing new tool offering benefits to a wide range of users, including:

  • Gamers looking to push their technology to the next level

  • Business owners, who can benefit from fast and secure storage

  • Creatives, who can find no end of uses for increased storage that allows them to quickly access and edit content

All these types, and many more, can look forward to benefiting from Xpoint.

One thing is worth pointing out, however. This technology is simply so new that for many users their hardware may not yet be up to the standards of Xpoint. This means that you may want to hold off from investing just yet. On the other hand, if you’re confident that you have the means to ensure that you get the maximum out of this innovation, it may be worth putting your money into it. While it’s true that a high number of systems are not yet capable of making the most out of it, change is just around the corner. We feel that it’s inevitable that this technology becomes the industry standard, it’s all just a matter of time. Developers of both software and hardware are already beginning to design products with the Xpoint in mind. The biggest leap forward since SSD cards is a sure winner in the next five years.

Cutting Edge Tech Sets Xpoint Apart

Some of the amazing benefits include:

Cross Point Array Structure

Made up of 128 billion cells, each storing one bit of data, the density allows for a huge capacity in a small and workable space.


As it stands, 128gb per die is stacked to make a huge storage capacity. But that’s just the initial technology. We can expect to see the developers refine and develop it as time goes on, to bring you an even greater storage format.


Cells are written and read by varying voltage. This system makes for a more efficient storage that uses less power and lasts for longer.

Fast Switching Cell

The small cell size allows for faster switching than that provided by its nearest competitor.