Radiant CMS 0.9.0 is out and about

A new version of our favorite Ruby on Rails CMS has been released, Radiant CMS 0.9.0. Obviously, I spoke a little too soon last October when I announced that 0.9.0 was coming soon. Each open source community has their own pace and time-line for releasing the release candidates of their software. In retrospect, I should have noted that Radiant CMS developers like to take their time in making sure the Radiant releases are at a level of quality and stability they're comfortable with before releasing the final versions to the general public.

So what's new in the 0.9.0 version of Radiant CMS? Radiant now has a new UI, support for internationalization and loading of extensions as gems. Some of the more significant new features in this version of Radiant include::

  • There are new features for pagination (requiring will_paginate).
  • You can now run Radiant from a sub-directory.
  • When selecting a published date in the future, Radiant will treat the content as hidden until that date
  • Extensions may be loaded as gems and generated extensions now have features to easily create gems with Jeweler
  • Radiant CMS is now running on Rails 2.3.8 (bundled with Radiant)

If you would like more details on the changes in Radiant CMS, you can always check out the CHANGELOG. Radiant 0.9.0 CMS is available for download from the RadiantCMS.org website.