Radiant 0.6.6 CMS Released

Radiant 0.6.6 was released over the weekend, shortly after the release of Radiant 0.6.5.  Obviously, 0.6.6 of this built with Ruby on Rails CMS was released to fix some bugs in 0.6.5.  So instead of focusing on the bugs, let's focus on what is new in 0.6.5/6 since Radiant 0.6.4 was released in November 2006.

Since Radiant 0.6.4, the latest versions of the software introduced two major changes:

  • Rails 2.0.2 included (0.6.4 used Rails 1.2.5)
  • RSpec 1.1.4 is used in core and supported in extensions

Additional enhancements since 0.6.4 include:

  • Ability to edit the published date of a page from the editing interface.
  • Pages now have “description” and “keywords” fields that can be output as tags using the r:meta family of tags.
  • Green notice areas will fade from the interface after 3 seconds.
  • The r:find tag now accepts relative paths.
  • URLs in the admin interface and in standard Radius tags should now respect when Radiant is installed in a “subdirectory” rather than the root URL namespace.

Information for downloading and installing Radiant can be found at RadiantCMS.org.