Packt gearing up for Open Source CMS Awards 2007

Starting Monday July 16, Packt Publishing will be accepting nominations for their 2007 Open Source Content Management System Award.  Last year, I had fun watching closely as the top five open source CMS were nominated and I even made some predictions for which projects would be declared the winners.  This year, I'm also honored to announce that I have been selected as a judge for the Overall Winner category!

That's right, while I have my favorites when it comes to CMS, it looks as if I've proven myself to be non-bias and open-minded enough to be on the jury.   Ironically, I'm not the only one from Sioux Falls, South Dakota that will be on the judging panel.  Deane Barker, Gadgetopia and Blend Interactive, has also been selected as a judge for the social networking category.  Evidently, the long winter months in this part of the country has given us too much time to talk and discuss various topics such as technology, content management systems, and innovation.  Then again, it's also possible Sioux Falls is a lot more forward-thinking then people typically give credit to the city.  Either way, neither Deane or myself know anyone from Fargo.

If you recall, this is the award that last year, Joomla was declared by the judges as the winner, with Drupal in second place, followed by Plone in third place.   Different this year then in 2006 is that the CMS projects may be nominated by various categories and more prize money is being offered.

We are looking for people to submit the names of Open Source Content Management Systems for each of the below categories. The CMS's that receive the most nominations in each category will then go through to a final stage, with winners voted for by a panel of judges and visits to

In making their decision, we are asking the judges to consider a number of factors including performance, usability, accessibility, ease of configuration and customization, scalability, security and community contribution. We believe that these are the elements that make up a fantastic CMS.

Nominations for each category will be open until Friday August 31.

The open source CMS award categories include Overall Winner, Most Promising, Best PHP, Best Other (non-PHP), and Best Social Networking.  A total of $20,000 in prize money donated by Packt Publishing is expected to be awarded to the winners of the various categories.

So starting July 16, please head over to Packt and nominate your favorite open source CMS.  One negative for me being on the judging panel is that I'm not eligible to take part in the nomination process.  Too bad, because I have some ideas on which CMS would have my vote in each of the categories.  I don't know about you, but I'm especially curious to which CMS will be nominated for the Most Promising open source CMS.