Online Guide to Umbraco CMS for New Users

I have only now started paying attention to the Umbraco CMS. While they may call Umbraco the "friendly CMS", I'm not sure I'm aware of a single CMS that doesn't self-describe itself as the CMS to use. This is why I enjoy blog posts from actual users new to a CMS describing what they have learned about the software. In learning Umbraco, I'm glad I came across Lee Messenger's "A Complete Newbie's Guide To Umbraco CMS".

This post really is a beginners guide to Umbraco, I decided to put it together because when I first started messing around with Umbraco I had more than a few issues trying to get it installed due to not being able to find the right answers about a year or so ago (Or was it I was just being impatient) – And I’ll hold  my hands up, I threw my toys out the pram and just gave up… Now I REALLY kick myself and WISH I had carried on.

There has also been some great movements in pushing Umbraco to the next level and making it easier than ever to use. Now I’m no professional or avid blogger, so don’t expect miracles… this is sort of a guide/my own learning journey over the past 4 months all thrown together in one post.  My only aim for this post is to try and give anyone looking to get into Umbraco and real life example and reference from someone doing the same thing.