Nuxeo Studio 2.9 Released

Unbelievably, I spent most of 2012 without writing a single article related to Nuxeo, an open source content management platform. CMS Report missed the opportunity for a great story in September when Nuxeo Platform 5.6 was released. At the time, we were busy migrating our own site to a new CMS and probably missed a lot of CMS stories that month. Luckily, we do have a Nuxeo related article to write before the year's end, the release of Nuxeo Studio 2.9.

Nuxeo Studio is a configuration and customization environment provided as a hosted web-based tool. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio enables the rapid configuration of the Nuxeo Platform and its modules for Document Management, Digital Asset Management, and Case Management.

Highlights of Nuxeo Studio 2.9 include:

  • Multi-user mode: allows multiple users to collaborate on a Nuxeo Studio project simultaneously, improving productivity. An auto-locking mechanism with real time releasing and presence management was implemented to support this feature.
  • Improved complex type management with the ability to configure content views that leverage complex queries and to display complex properties in the result set, without limiting the depth of the complex schema, and without performance costs.
  • Improved workflow graph: the generic square has been replaced by more explicit symbols, to better indicate start and merge/fork nodes on the workflow graph.
  • Improved form management in the tab designer, as well as better control of component display.
  • Faceted search configuration: enables definition of multiple named sets of filters on the faceted search module. This feature is available on the 5.7 version of the Nuxeo Platform, which is currently in development.

Additional features and details on Nuxeo Studio 2.9 can be found in the product's release notes.