New Features found in Accrisoft Freedom CMS 8.2

It took a new article posting yesterday on Accrisoft's blog before I realized the company recently released a new version of their content management system, Accrisoft Freedom CMS v8.2. Freedom CMS is used for building and managing dynamic, database-driven websites where Accrisoft handles the hosting themselves, eliminating the need for in-house server management. Accrisoft is one of the first CMS companies that convinced me that the cloud wasn't as scary as I thought for creating, hosting, and managing content management solutions.

Accrisoft Freedom CMS version 8.2 introduces several powerful features, including:

  • An all-new Lead Nurturing module
  • A Site Backup tool enabling simple site copying and migrations
  • Form layouts, giving you complete control over the HTML output of form fields
  • Global tags, enabling "Related Item" lists across Freedom modules

The video below provides an enthusiastic introduction to this new version of Accrisoft Freedom as well as some additional links explaining the above highlighted features. Freedom CMS 8.2 also provides some additional new features and improvements not highlighted in the videos including:

  • Group/Item sorting options
  • Global spotlight search
  • Drag-and-Drop folders
  • Image insert enhancements,
  • Text Editor configuration options
  • Downloadable subscriber lists.

A more detailed explanation of all the features mentioned in this article can be found at the Accrisoft website.