The new dotCMS 1.5

A new version of dotCMS, an open-source J2EE enterprise class web content management system, was released this week. dotCMS 1.5 incorporates web content management with CRM, eCommunication tools and ecommerce.

New features introduced in dotCMS 1.5 include:

  • Content "Triggers" using JBoss Rules to allow rule based user segmentation by usage.
  • Business Intelligence Reports - Integrated with Jasper Reports and iReports allow detailed and customized reporting on site usage, transactions and content activity.
  • Improvements to User Search Segmentation, Permissions and Management.
  • Revamped Campaign/Communication Manager.
  • Web based communications can delivered to a segment of site visitors as a campaign.
  • Updated Backend User Interface.
  • Web 2.0 features: AJAX; content can have associated comments, ratings and tags.
  • Quartz based job scheduler.

The dotCMS platform is available free of charge under the open source GPL 2.0 license.

Reference: dotCMS 1.5 Now Available!