Mollom Stats from CMS Report

After two years of spam protection by Mollom people are beginning to proudly show off their ham/spam stats. Davy Van Den Bremt over at Drupal coder writes:

If you're happy about Mollom, just shout it out on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, ... by putting up a screenshot of your stats and saying how many spam has been caught by Mollom. You can find the stats of your site on your Mollom account. If you're using Drupal, you can find them under Administer > Reports > Mollom Statistics.

If you're using Twitter, use the hashtag #mollomstats. I'm looking forward see how much crap content Mollom has spared us from.

As you can see from the statistics below, has kept Mollom pretty busy with over 99,500 pieces of spam blocked since we started using the service. One statistic I'd like to see collected is how much content Mollom detects as "Ham" but is later identified by the site administrators as actually "Spam". In other words, I'd be curious to see the statistics for Mollom's "false negatives".

Mollom statistics for

Of course, Mollom isn't the only spam service that provides fun statistics to look at for your site. There was a time I used Akismet to protect my sites from spam. Some of the stats I pulled from Akismet proved to me without a shadow of a doubt that spammers are an evil bunch. Thank goodness for services like Mollom and Akismet helping us protect our sites or this blogging stuff just wouldn't be a fun thing to do.