Mitchell Baker: Innovation vs Stability

Mozilla's Mitchell Baker wrote an interesting post about product development. As you develop a product and customer loyalty there is a risk to making too many changes to a product. However, the success of your product likely came about because of innovation. If you kill off introducing new ideas and concepts for your product you are also likely to kill off the reason your product became successful in the first place.

One of the issues I see regarding our products is the tension between being cautious about changing our products on the one hand and trying to innovate on the other. There are good reasons for this tension, since each perspectives represents part of our current reality. There are a number of reasons to be cautious...

She then explains the need to introduce some Mozilla "Prototypes" with features that could later be brought back into the Firefox browser (and Thunderbird e-mail client). You can read the complete article at: Mitchell Baker: Mozilla "Prototypes".