Keyword Research Tools That Entrepreneurs Can Use to Boost Startup Visibility

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Keyword Research Tools That Entrepreneurs Can Use to Boost Startup Visibility

Wed, 05/16/2018 - 22:58
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When startups are established, the pressure is on them from the very beginning to become profitable. While entrepreneurs may have an idea that’s truly brilliant they may not be too savvy about how to ramp up their online visibility to attract more website visitors and ensure the desired sales revenues. A quick look at some of the best keyword research tools that entrepreneurs can use for SEO:

Google Keyword Planner

Even though Google Keyword Planner has been designed to be used for targeting advertising, you can use it equally well for researching organic keywords by customizing the results of your top competitors. The process is simple; enter the product name, the address of the competitor landing page and define the product category to search for new keyword ideas. You can also get the search volumes of the specified keywords as well as the traffic forecasts. You should focus on keywords as well as ad group ideas since both can be beneficial for SEO. For best results, factor in as many variables as possible including the average volume of monthly searches, popularity, competition, plus other metrics.


Equipped with an intuitive and simple interface, KWFinder can be used to research long tail keywords that mimic how real-life users frame their search queries for better content discovery. The tool displays the keyword trend, volume of search, cost per click, and other vital metrics that can be used productively to improve SEO. By clicking on a particular keyword, you get to know about its level of difficulty on a scale of 1-100 together with its current Google results like the backlinks of the page, domains using the keyword, social sharing as well as traffic metrics. These are the additional keyword dimensions that can prove to be very useful for integrating content marketing with SEO. Many e-commerce business owners have reported good results using a combination of KWFinder with a dedicated keyword tracker tool built for Amazon.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Apart from the usual volume and difficulty, this tool from Moz adds some other very useful dimensions to the practice of keyword research. You get to know the relative click-through rate of results on the search page as well as the level of criticality of the keyword to your SEO campaign besides the ability to define priorities after factoring in all keyword metrics. The Keyword Explorer tool has the capability of being able to import keyword lists generated by other tools. By using Keyword Planner, it is possible to get a deeper appreciation of why certain web pages are included in the search results page based on social data and links. This valuable insight can help you to plan your SEO strategy beyond keywords.


Using different tools for keyword research can throw up the different dimensions of how keywords affect SEO and how to take the best advantage of them. If you are really intent on refining your SEO strategy, you should attempt to use multiple keyword research tools and put your startup on a faster growth path.