Give your WordPress website a boost by using the right combination of SEO plugins

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Give your WordPress website a boost by using the right combination of SEO plugins

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 06:37
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A focus on WordPress plugins that should help to implement SEO effectively.

Do WordPress websites offer the same convenience to small and big websites when implementing SEO? The question arises because the smaller is the website, lesser will be the content, and apparently it would receive fewer links. If this seems like a problem in doing well in SEO then when you look at larger websites that run into several pages have its own set of problems. Overall, SEO implementation is challenging no matter whether the website is big or small. If the site is huge, it faces challenges that are typical of its size and the same is true for smaller websites that struggle to gain momentum. Small websites have to fight it out with more significant sites, and it can appear to be a losing battle, which it is not.

Regardless of the size and budget of websites, it is possible to apply SEO with the same degree of effectiveness because the principles of SEO are the same. Even if the size of the WordPress website runs into just five or six pages, you can do full-fledged SEO on a large scale. The most important thing is to know what you should do. In this article, we focus on WordPress plugins that should help to implement SEO effectively for any small website.

Use the essential plugins

WordPress derives its powers from plugins. You remove the plugins and see what a pity it is that WordPress websites lose its shine and sheen. With more than 50,000 plugins available from the open source, you have to evaluate your functionalities and choose plugins selectively to make websites perform at the top level. The beauty of plugins is that it does not require any coding knowledge or experience in technical SEO while it is capable of moving the needle for you. Whatever little you might know about Los Angeles SEO would be sufficient to use plugins for doing all the heavy lifting for you. Keep reading to know about some time-tested WordPress plugins that have proven track record and have helped small websites gain mileage in SEO.

Yoast SEO plugin

When more than 3 million websites have used the Yoast SEO plugin, it is the safest choice for you. Websites that have used the plugin have all benefited in SEO, and this is enough reason why you should follow the footsteps of the beneficiaries. The plugin is so exhaustive that it will leave nothing for you to guess as it spells out everything that you intend to do. It would point out at every aspect of SEO implementation so that you would know what is deficient and what you have to do. From the manner of keyword usage to the page title to no follow links, it would capture everything to guide you effectively.

SEO Squirrly

The Squirrly plugin comes in paid and free versions, but the most attractive element of the plugin is that it is a comprehensive SEO plugin in all respects. The plugin is perfect for all because it does not require any knowledge of coding or technical. The plugin is extremely user-friendly and easy to set up. From keyword research to analytics, the plugin can do everything for you. Only you must know the path ahead to make proper use of the plugin that can make SEO look like a cakewalk.


To get easy access to a host of SEO tools, you can fall back upon Jetpack; the Google recommended plugin. The plugin provides adequate protection to websites from cyber-attacks and similar threats besides displaying related content to your users, facilitating viewing of site statistics, and allowing sharing of content of any social media network. The free features are so good that you might not need to consider the premium features at all. The plugin empowers you and gives the confidence of doing well in SEO.

WP Touch

Into its eighth year, the WordPress plugin still enjoys the same popularity that it enjoyed a few years ago. By using the WP Touch Pro version, setting up the mobile version of your website is now a breeze. The features and capabilities of WP Touch are truly unmatched that the desktop themes can never match. In this age of mobile friendliness, the plugin gives a boost to your confidence, as you can launch an effective mobile SEO campaign.

Monsterinsights – Google Analytics for WordPress

The plugin allows users to link Google Analytics with WordPress. With Google Analytics, you get a good grasp about the campaign performance as it captures all kinds of metrics of the campaign. Google Analytics is your eyes and ears that keep your SEO on tracks and prevent you from committing unknown mistakes. The real-time statistics on the WordPress dashboard is any user’s delight.

With the strength of plugins, it becomes easy to drive your SEO campaign towards success.