Firefox 3 getting some press time

Yesterday, InfoWorld posted an article on the yet-to-be-released Firefox 3. The article is titled, "Firefox 3.0 opens door to Web apps, Mozilla says".

If the Firefox browser were a car, it would be in the garage right now being souped up by an anxious group of gearheads.

When Firefox 3.0 is released later this year, the open-source browser is likely to contain a host of new features, including offline support for Web applications and new bookmark and search features. Mozilla released the second alpha version of Firefox 3.0 earlier this month.

Mozilla's Firefox 3 is still a few months away so it's exciting to see some of the mainstream IT news sites such as InfoWorld take an interest in the browser. In fact, Firefox 3 is only in alpha 2 under the code name of Gran Paradiso and recommended only for test purposes. While I've blogged a little about about Firefox 3 here at CMS Report, it is always nice to be able to read about Firefox in the general news media.