Development Seed: FeedAPI 1.0 Released

I'm looking forward to evaluating the new FeedAPI module for Drupal. Though one feature I haven't seen in any of the aggregators I've seen so far for Drupal...a way to snip the original RSS feed. Some sites provide you the entire post in the RSS feed with no teaser. This may be great for the reader, but I'm not sure everyone is happy to see their entire post on someone else's site.

From time to time, I've hacked the core to get me closer to how I would like the content from an RSS feed to display at my site. There has to be another way and perhaps FeedAPI could by my solution...

Development Seed: FeedAPI 1.0 Released -

After being in development for about seven months, we released FeedAPI 1.0 nearly two weeks ago! This is really exciting for me and everyone else who has been craving a more flexible aggregator for Drupal.

We wanted FeedAPI to be as flexible and as fast as possible, and I'm happy to say that the end result has reached those goals. All feeds are represented by nodes. Feed items remain independent from the node system - you can choose, whether you would like to store them as nodes or fast flat database records. Per default, FeedAPI is configured to use SimplePie as a feed parser, which works perfectly in most cases. But if you have particular requirements, you can switch to the alternative Common Syndication parser or write your own.