cPanel 11: Newest version of the control panel coming soon

When I originally started hosting my own sites on a server (VPS/VDS), I opted for the easy way to manage those sites by using an online control panel. I originally started with Plesk but eventually moved to cPanel. cPanel at the time seemed to be the control panel everyone was talking about. However, I quickly found that although I liked cPanel it seemed to be dated by the fact that its primary web server support was for Apache 1.x. Support for Apache 2.x was promised in the next version of the control panel, cPanel 11, so I waited patiently for its arrival.

After waiting for months, I found myself waiting even more for a stable version of cPanel 11 to arrive. I began to wonder if it was not time to take another look at Plesk. So just when I've almost given up on cPanel, the company has finally started to publicly announced that cPanel is coming soon.

cPanel 11 promises to bring a lot of improvements for users. The following are some of the highlights I am most excited to see in cPanel 11:

  • Enhanced XSS Protection: Substantial backend changes have been made to further protect cPanel and WHM users from cross-site scripting. Many behind the scenes functions have been added to render such nuisances harmless.
  • Support for Apache 2 and Apache 2.2
  • Improvements in cPanel Interface Speed: Shorter load times of cPanel pages
  • Getting Started Wizard: The new getting started wizard walks a new account owner through setting up the aspects of a web hosting account. New users of older versions of cPanel often found themselves scratching their heads on where they should begin.
  • Multiple Interface Styles: 10 prebuilt interface styles allow your clients to choose a look that works for them. From business oriented to fun at the beach, the new styles are great for site owners of all types.
  • Enhanced Branding for Resellers: The new CSS based layout gives infinite flexibility in the customization of the interface to meet your needs.
  • PHP Config: or those who develop in PHP or have specific PHP requirements, PHP configuration and PHP information sections have been added to WHM and cPanel respectively.