CMS Made Simple 1.9 is available and ready

Earlier this week, the CMSMS Development team released another milestone version of CMS Made Simple. CMS Made Simple 1.9 is a feature version with focus on flexibility and maintaining ease of use.

Significant additions and improvements in CMSMS 1.9 include:

  • Smart/Friendly URLs - Complete Freedom in URLs now customizable in any way preferred. The News Module also allows for the customizing of URLs.
  • The MenuManager module has been greatly improved with an eye on performance.
  • Features, Features and more Features
    • You can now add a description to Global Content Blocks (GCB).
    • Developers can disable the WYSIWYG editor on each individual GCB to remove the risk that it may mess up some formatting.
    • A new option to 'run' a User Defined Tag from within the admin. This allows site developers to create a UDT that maybe does some database cleanups or queries, and to run it from within the admin console rather than having to create a dummy hidden page on the sites frontend.
    • A new preference allows displaying either the menu text, or the page title in the content list.
    • The sitedown functionality has been improved. now you can display a 'Site Down' message to site visitors while logged in administrators can still see the site.
    • The behavior of the {content_image} and the thumbnail and image properties of each page has been improved.
  • jQuery Replaces
  • New Administrative theme

For additional details regarding CMS Made Simple 1.9 you can view the release announcement at CMSMS 1.9 is available at the site's download page.